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Software networking management engineer – RomARS

RomARS is hiring. Personnel Search as software networking management engineer. Location in Rome.

About this opportunity

We are building a R&D team in Rome to develop software solutions in the frame of modern virtualized network infrastructures. The goal is to implement compelling technologies for the mobile telecommunication systems of the next generation 5G/6G by actively driving new Concepts, Standardization, SW- and HW Research, Architecture and Testbeds. Technical focus includes 5G evolution, Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN), IoT, Web technology and Internet protocols.

We work on cutting-edge research projects, in mixed research-industry teams with the opportunity to work with top researchers and market leading external partners on the latest technologies, to conceive and develop new products for the 5G/6G market.

We offer you to join our high-profile telco and software excellence team, pursuing a challenging and innovative technology agenda in ICT, participate to research studies and product development activities in new and strategic areas of mobile communication.

We are looking for:

  • new colleagues to increase our innovation though coordination activities and product definition and development in collaboration with international partners in the frame of the ICT;
  • Project or Software manager, with experience in Engineering management and background in R&D Project execution in the frame of Computer Science and ICT.

In this role, the selected person will:

  • Define system specifications and requirements, development strategies, validation and
    verification plans, market strategies, resource planning, overviewing technical activities
    associated to R&D projects and product management;
  • Coordinate the communication with partners, clients, telco, solution providers, institutional bodies during project proposal preparation and execution phases;
  • Collaborate with international partners, perform document quality assurance, follow technical meetings and tracking projects status identifying criticalities and corrective actions;
  • Identify technology strategies and topics that require industry alignment with customers and industry partners, identifying key technology enablers and funding opportunities.


  • Bachelor or MSc/equivalent degree in Engineering Management or ICT and software
  • Knowledge on software management, system engineer, ICT and SW products lifecycles
  • Excellent networking, collaboration, communication, influencing and innovation skills with high energy and motivation
  • Use of project management and business planning software applications (i.e., Doors, SAP, Project, etc.)
  • Fluent English language in writing, reading and conversation.

In addition, preferably:

  • Knowledge of 3GPP protocol stacks and architectures (LTE, 5G), RAN components and
  • Knowledge of software development and collaborative tools.
  • Background on Linux environment and network protocols.

If you are interested, please send an email to: info@romars.tech

For more information you can visit our website https://romars.tech/

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