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GIS Assistant – Trigyn Technologies

Trigyn Technologies has a contractual opportunity for GIS Assistant. This resource will be working at their client site in Brindisi, Italy.

Job Responsibilities

  • Compile large-scale operation maps and small-scale briefing/report maps;
  • Perform collecting processes and evaluate geographic data including vector, raster and thematic data;
  • Assist in design, develop, maintain and use spatial databases as well as spatial data management tools;
  • Assist in design symbology, templates and other related cartographic and geovisualization products;
  • Assist in spatial and terrain analysis studies, and the prediction of the effects of terrain, weather and situations on the mission’s operations.
  • Assist in generation of 3D visualization products;
  • Assist in production and maintenance of web-map services and web-map applications;
  • Perform Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QC/QA) on all products generated and disseminated by the Section, including procedures on all extracted features and retrieved parameters, geo-data and maps;
  • Assist in satellite imagery processing for remote sensing projects and tasks, i.e. image interpretation, analysis, image classification, feature extraction etc.;
  • Conduct field surveys for geospatial data collection and truth verification;
  • Conduct the archiving of geographic data and maintaining the mission’s geo-database system;
  • Follow the procedures related to data security, data acquisition, and data share policies are in place;
  • Follow the procedures for archiving and maintenance of map production and map catalogues;
  • Assist in the incorporation of innovative technologies in geospatial and remote sensing products and services, i.e. artificial intelligence AI, Extended Reality XR (AR-MR-VR), etc;
  • Other duties as assigned by a supervisor.

Required Skills

  • Excellent practical Geospatial information related skills;
  • At least 3 years working experience in GIS, remote sensing and image analysis;
  • Experience in using remote sensing software such as ERDAS Imagine, ERDAS LPS, etc.;
  • Experience in using open-source GIS software and ArcGIS (Desktop, Server and online applications), experience in PostgreSQL, SQL Server Enterprise, Model Builder,
  • Geocortex; Experience in spatial database management;
  • Skills using graphic design software is an asset;
  • Skills in the use and application of innovative technologies including AI and XR and related software is an asset;
  • Fluency in English, both written and oral, is required;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills;
  • Driving licence suitable to drive 4X4 vehicles;
  • Excellent client orientation.

GIS Assistant – Trigyn Technologies: for immediate response, please send your resume to Global-Recruitment@Trigyn.com or submit on LinkedIn.

Trigyn Technologies is a multinational IT services company with resources deployed in 25 countries. TRIGYN is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013 (ISMS) and CMMI Level 5 certified company. TRIGYN has offices in United States, Canada, Germany Switzerland and India.

(Fonte: Trigyn Technologies)

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